Richard BenderMr. Bender has over fifty years’ experience in software with a primary focus on quality assurance and testing. He is currently the President of Bender RBT Inc., a software quality company he founded in 1977 – He has consulted internationally to large and small corporations, government agencies, and the military. His focus has been on business critical, mission critical, and safety critical systems. He has been involved in establishing industry standards for software quality, serving as the Technical Lead for the International Y2K Test Certification Standards and assisting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in defining their Software Quality Guidelines. He was one of the first programmers ever awarded IBM’s Outstanding Invention Award. This was for his breakthroughs on code-based testing using data flow analysis.

For over forty years he has focused on Requirements Based Testing. He has defined techniques to ensure that requirements are correct, complete, unambiguous, and logically consistent. He also has continued the work, begun by William Elmendorf, in adapting to software testing the hardware logic testing algorithms of path sensitizing. He has done this in collaboration with Kevin Ablett. These algorithms result in the design of a set of tests which ensure that defects will be observable when the tests are run.